apple cinnamon ice cream

As autumn arrived my ice cream ideas transitioned from mint and berries to warming and harvest-y flavours. I was craving pumpkin pie but the idea of frozen, cold pumpkin ice cream failed to appeal. Oh, I’m sure someone has made a delicious version of it but I don’t like making anything if the planning doesn’t have me salivating at least a bit. So I went for the next best thing: apple pie ice cream.

Homemade golden delicious applesauce, heavy on the cinnamon added to what’s become my standard custard base: 3 cups of a heavy cream, coffee cream and whole milk mixture, the ratios depending on how decadent I feel that day, 5 egg yolks and 2/3 cups to 3/4 cups of sugar, depending on how much sugar the flavour additions have. In this case, I used less sugar so there wouldn’t be too much competition with the subtle apple sugars.

I strained the applesauce but still ended up adding some of the leftover pulp to the custard, which included bits of apple peel. Oops. Yes, much easier to peel an apple before you cut it. I hoped it would add some depth to the final treat:

The master plan was to bake mini-pie crusts in a muffin tin for ice cream “serving cups” but things were busy…maybe next fall. So really, it was just apple cinnamon ice cream. Though unless you knew that beforehand, it was actually quite hard to pinpoint the flavour. There were tones of coconut and pineapple, hints of spice. Very much like a dessert served at an Indian restaurant. After a few guesses, Aaron said the mystery of the flavour could drive him mad. “Mad Apple” ice cream: a catchy name but ice cream shouldn’t be so mind bending.

Would I make it again? Maybe. But I would add pie crust chunks and serve it topped with stewed apple.

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