new zealand: the route

After many struggles with various mapping tools, I bring to you our route!

If you’re curious about the details, check out the Google Maps version. Otherwise, roughly – we started in Nelson, at the top of the south island, headed east to visit Hendrik, Eric and Janelle in Picton, then back west to the other coast, down the West coast to Haast and then inland to Wanaka and Queenstown, then back to the East coast, partly via the Otago Rail Trail, where we headed north to Oamaru and then turned around and cycled to our final destination, Dunedin.

In 27 days of riding, we cycled a bit more than 1600km. Our longest day was 104km and shortest, 24, but most were between 55 and 70.

Some other stats:

  • Rest days: 6
  • Nights in tent: 23
  • Highest climb: 291m to 1078m
  • Days biking in rain: 4
  • Maximum speed: 55.1km (My speed; Aaron’s is something crazier. I could only try being crazy.)
  • Minimum speed: 0km
  • Meat pies consumed between the two of us: 19 (Only? I could swear I was eating more.)
  • Sand fly bites: 157
  • Injuries: one wasp sting, one blistered, irritated sand fly welt, a few minor tendonitis flare-ups
  • Flats: 1
  • Mechanical failures: rear-rack (Just a loose screw and nothing catastrophic.)
  • Photos: 695

In between unpacking, reassembling bikes, yelling at Google Maps and easing back into real life, I’ve spent the last few days going through photos and hope to have them up soon. Once I do, I can share more tales…

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